Water investing


Investing, Threats & Opportunities

If you think the business is great and up to 100 years likes that none, but if you sure condition isn’t normal also the economic problems get your home, so pay attention.
What is the most valuable good in the world?
All the golds of the earth was made by meteorites, was fired to earth. They are so valuable because of scarcity and no adding.
There is an another one that is scarcity and is getting more scarcity. We decided to discuss regarding new business, is water.

The all stocks available of total 1358 square km that 72% is covered the Earth. Is just 13 million and 233 thousand. It means, your quota regardless of the life other living things is 2 square meters.

It is impossible to save water with drilling the well and keep it in the safeguard so we want to present some ways to save our quota in order to develop the business.

What are these ways?
Buying Water Allowance.

The MesaWater that belongs to T Boon Pickens who is good known, sold 4 million gallons water to Texas state for 103 million dollars in 23 January 2011 that means 26 dollars for per gallon.
Mr. Pickens said after signing agreement: water is where has to be and everything is peace and empathy.
How can somebody own a source of human right that is essential for saving the life in addition can buy and sell it?
By the way there are many obstacles to inter this business, also it is impossible for typical investors.

Investment in water transmission and water supply infrastructure.

The Romans could transfer water to cities with making waterfall and waterway 2000 years ago.
The wide network of water supply transmission has expanded around the world so far also expanding pipes has speeded up by population growth and technology advancement.
For instant, reconstruction and implementation a wide pipes system need 1000 billion dollars.
After the catastrophe of thousand million people with soluble in water because of burnout pipes in the Michigan state, the alarm was updated around the world. So investing needs the government guarantee with profit, so we have to find stock water, the sewage company, related industrials as well.

r. Michel J Berry who is genius since 2007 so far, records 100 million dollars with smart agreement and causes the brokerage client gets 700 million dollars that has invested his entire capital in water. He is buying field for growing nuts in California, he believes transforming is not practical for economic and political reasons also he claims, the nutrition is the type of investing water. It means, nutrition growth and makes in region full of water then transfer to dry region. The water in food what I have found it .the simple example: the necessary water for producing 1 kg rice is 3400 liter. It means, you transfer 3400 liters water with carrying 1 kg rice.

Unusual types

The companies like PayPal, Tesla, Space-x, Boring, SolarCity, HyperLoop project as well was established by Elon Musk ,he spent 3% of his time to develop lithium battery .
He dreams to migrate to Mars that is definitely impossible without nutrition for human being.
Mars Oasis space greenhouse belongs him that prepared and designed Falcon 9 spacecraft for sending these greenhouses. He could send the first greenhouse to space last year to astronauts experience tasted of fresh vegetables for the first time in space.
The current space of the Earth is not different with Mars and human beings have increased 2 degrees the Earth temperature since 1850 so far. This process won’t be cropped the large plants like cocoa in future.
We have decided to combine Mr. Musk opinions with chines style solar greenhouse in 50 years ago and integrated aquaponics cultivating system that Aztecs invented 700 years ago to achieve production pattern.

We are not going to be all farming instead, there are 3 patterns that couple of them is closer to your house. The first, Bio Cabines prepare vegetable in the kitchen.
The second, Bio Larder produced not only our consumption also they are made money with linking to supply network.
The third, Solar Greenhouse is produced vegetables in 250 square meter is equivalent 10000 m2.
All there are equipped to produce a multiplier product with 2% of consumption in traditional crops.